5 Sustainable Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean & Green

5 Sustainable Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean & Green

It’s that time of year again! Spring cleaning is an opportunity to clear out the cobwebs and spruce up your home, office, and even your car. However, several common cleaning products contain chemicals that harm humans and the planet. Luckily, sustainable cleaning methods prove to be effective and eco-friendly!

5 Sustainable Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean & Green

After more than a year stuck at home, most living spaces desperately need some TLC. Sustainable cleaning alternatives allow you to scrub, soak, and scrape without putting yourself or the planet at risk.

Here are our top five tips for keeping your home clean and green!

Make the Most of Household Products

Plenty of households spend a fortune on name-brand chemical cleaners. However, you likely have several robust natural cleaners already in your pantry. If you don’t, that’s okay — these items are incredibly affordable!

For instance, the heavy acidity of lemon juice allows it to cut through grease with ease. This household citrus also has natural antibacterial properties which give it the power to decimate bacteria that lingers on your surfaces.

Moreover, white vinegar turns out to be effective at naturally dissolving mold. If you can stand its odor, then you can also use it to clean your cooktop, descale your coffee maker, and even reduce mineral film in the bathroom! Though, its high acidity means vinegar should not be used on stone or wood.

Baking soda is another sustainable cleaning option that’s just gentle enough for cleaning plastic, countertops, toilets, sinks, and more! In fact, the combination of white vinegar and baking soda is a robust drain cleaner — be sure not to mix the two until they’re already in the drain!

Opt for Reusable Rags or Tree-Free Paper Towels

Major cleaning projects often result in major waste. The majority of this waste comes from single-use paper towels. Opt for reusable rags for simple tasks — like dusting — and just wash them afterward.

For more involved cleaning, spring for a tree-free towel alternative. Recycled paper towels, for example, are tougher and more absorbent than traditional paper towels and are made of a highly renewable resource.

Freshen the Air

After a while, the air in your house gets stale and stuffy. Grabbing an air freshener may be an easy option, there are more eco-friendly air-freshening alternatives. By far the easiest way to freshen things up is to simply open the windows and let it all air out.

5 Sustainable Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean & Green

Similarly, some house plants can remove toxins and clean up the air in your home. Several of them are also quite resilient, so even if you don’t have a way with plants, you can still reap their benefits. Below are a few toxin-cleansing houseplants for you to consider.

  • Peace lilies prefer shady areas to bright sunny ones.
  • Spider plants are easy to grow and love bright sunny spots.
  • Garden mums can be planted inside or outside and are affordable.
  • Aloe vera removes toxins and can be used to soothe cuts and burns.

If you’re looking to add a pleasant scent to the air, then essential oils may be your sustainable cleaning option! You can either spray them into the air or use reed diffuser sticks to consistently freshen up a room.

Repurpose Old Items

Sustainable cleaning presents plenty of opportunities for upcycling. Taking old everyday items and repurposing them allows you to save money on cleaning tools and reduce the waste you create.

A of the most common repurposed items include using toothbrushes to scrub small areas — like grout — old socks turned into dusting gloves, coffee grounds as an abrasive cleaner, and much more.

Pair Green Cleaning With Green Entertainment

On its own, cleaning can bore you. But when you pair sustainable cleaning with equally sustainable entertainment, you have a recipe for a good time! Although you might prefer to switch on your favorite playlist, you should check out a sustainable podcast.

  • Sustainable Minds focuses on leaders of the most impactful green startups and organizations.
  • Conscious Chatter discusses everything having to do with sustainable fashion.
  • Green Dreamer is perfect for creative types looking to make their lifestyles more eco-friendly.

Of course, there are plenty more podcasts out there that inspire green living and support sustainable cleaning. These are just a few of our favorites!

Sustainable Cleaning for Health & Happiness

Traditional cleaners are laden with chemicals that hurt humans and the planet. Sustainable cleaning alternatives offer non-toxic methods without compromising cleansing ability. Repurposing old items and phasing out traditional paper towels significantly reduce waste.

Of course, cleaning is boring and mundane without entertainment. So hit play on a sustainable podcast and complete your green and clean atmosphere.

Sustainable cleaning is something we should all do! Share this post on Facebook so your friends and family can clean safely and sustainably!


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