How our bamboo
paper is made

Our bamboo grows in the renewable and protected bamboo forests of Central China.

This area is known for its abundance of naturally growing bamboo due to its ideal climate conditions.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and given that it can grow even in infertile soil, it is low maintenance. A huge benefit to being low maintenance is that no fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemical treatment are required in growing bamboo.

Unlike trees that take the better part of a century to mature enough to be harvested it only takes around 3 years for bamboo to mature. Once cut, bamboo re-grows quickly and from the same root, which makes it one of the most sustainable materials available.

Our partners work with local farmers to harvest their bamboo by hand. This not only helps build/maintain the local economy for the farmers, but it helps lower the carbon footprint reducing the use of heavy machinery.

Once harvested, the bamboo has to be transformed into pulp, which – similar to wood – has a brownish color. To achieve a consistent and white finished toilet paper product, we utilize an elemental chlorine free (“ECF”) process. ECF has a significantly lower environmental impact compared to conventional methods and has emerged as the industry standard.

How we package

How we package

We are a 100% plastic-free business – all the way down to the tape of our boxes. Instead of single-use plastics, we utilize paper and cardboard alternatives that are 100% recyclable and compostable. #protectouroceans #protectourwaterways



Our manufacturing partners are vertically integrated businesses. They have strategically placed their mills and manufacturing facilities close to the bamboo forests and transportation facilities to reduce the time, cost and the environmental impact of moving raw materials around.

Environment First
bamboo-with-water-droplets bamboo-with-water-droplets

Looking Ahead

We realize that our current supply chain and sourcing processes are far from perfect but rest assured that we are constantly evaluating other alternatives with a focus on reducing our carbon footprint. There are some hard realities that we have to contend with - bamboo growth and large-scale manufacturing requires certain conditions which quite frankly are not available here in the United States. However, we believe in being as transparent as possible with you, our customer. We will be working diligently to optimize our supply chain not only for efficiency but also to reduce any negative environmental impact. We’ll be sharing our progress with you through periodical updates so please make sure you sign up for our email updates and/or follow us on social media.

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