Unsung Heroes of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Unsung Heroes of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our country is in an unprecedented state. Businesses are closed, people are being asked to stay in their homes, children are home from school, and face masks are becoming a new fashion accessory by necessity. In this tumultuous time of COVID-19, it can be easy to focus on the downside of things and forget to look at what’s truly going right in the world.

Reel Paper Unsung Heroes of the COVID-19 Pandemic

For instance, in these challenging – and sometimes scary – times, there are men and women in our communities who are stepping up and putting the needs of others before themselves. These are the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From being on the front lines of healthcare to keeping supply chains moving, these unsung heroes keep our households and our communities functioning.

Let's take a look at just a few of these unsung heroes during this global pandemic and take a moment to show our gratitude for all they do for us.


The main people doing the majority of the work on the front lines of this pandemic are nurses. For little pay, long hours, and far less recognition than they deserve, these heroes go above and beyond every day for us and our family members.

Nurses are the backbone of the medical field. Imagine doing hours upon hours of hard work and putting yourself at extreme risk with infected patients every day. Then, after your shift is over, you scrub and clean and disinfect yourself and your belongings so as to not bring home the risk to the family you love.

While doctors give official diagnoses and serve as the leaders of medical organizations, the nurses are there for long hours serving patients every minute of the day to ensure the best prognosis possible.

The next time you see a nurse or one is taking care of you or a loved one in the hospital, how him or her an extra dollop of gratitude – for without our nurses, our entire healthcare system would crumble.

Grocery Store Workers

Another unsung hero of the pandemic is grocery store workers. They are on their feet for 8+ hours a day during a single shift – with many working double shifts and overtime during this COVID craziness – stocking the shelves to ensure we as customers find what we need.

In a very special way, grocery store workers give the members of their community a sense of safety and security. By keeping shelves stocked, they ensure that your needs are met and you can go home feeling comforted in your supplies.

At the same time, grocery store workers often run the risk of exposure to unclean or possibly contaminated surfaces. Pallets of products shipped in from all over the world are first handled by our grocery store workers.

Your local grocery store employees are the backbone of how we find and buy our food. Without them, the shelves would most certainly be empty. It’s time for us all to give thanks to these important members of the supply chain.

Sanitation Workers

Imagine a world where we do not have magic fairies that carry away our trash and waste. These wonderful, hard-working, unsung community heroes are our sanitation workers. Probably one of the most important yet gritty jobs we have in society, sanitation workers remove our trash and waste, thereby keeping our communities beautiful and tidy.

While we should be celebrating these unsung heroes every day of our lives, it is especially important to thank these essential workers during the time of COVID-19 while so many people are staying home.

Whether it's collecting our trash or emptying our septic systems, sanitation workers are exposed to many harmful bacteria, viruses, and substances on a daily basis – even without being in a pandemic.

The sanitation department in your local community is responsible for keeping our neighborhoods clean and our homes and daily environments safe from disease and waste. The next time you see one of your hard-working sanitation employees, give them a thankful salute or wave.

Distribution Center Workers

When the world seems to have turned upside down – work is now at home, kids are home from school indefinitely, and a roll of toilet paper is a high-value commodity – getting the resources and supplies you need to feel secure and cared for is crucial.

Thankfully, our ever-more digital world has made ordering online and home delivery commonplace. But how do those online purchases become actual goods on our doorstep, even in the time of COVID-19?

Reel Paper Unsung Heroes of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Distribution center workers. That’s how.

Despite increased demand for online purchases and immense pressure on the supply chain, distribution workers are still accepting imports and processing, storing, and shipping out goods – all to support Americans around the country.

With every online purchase you make, send out some good, gratitude-filled vibes for the men and women keeping our valuable supply chains afloat.

Postal Workers

We often don’t think much about the United States Postal Service. Sure, we check our mailboxes every day, grumble at ads and fliers while beaming from ear to ear when we get a handwritten note from Grandma or a close friend. And yet, the USPS does so much more than fill your physical inbox each day.

The USPS is also responsible for delivering census materials, life-saving medications, voter registration information and vote-by-mail ballots – all of which are critical to Americans around the country.

Unfortunately, due to businesses cutting their use of advertisements and solicitations by mail and citizens reducing their use of mail and sending packages during the COVID pandemic, the USPS is in a tough spot. In fact, the USPS is projecting $22 billion in new revenue losses over the next 18 months. Yikes!

The fall of the USPS would not only hinder delivery of important mail and packages, but it would put 600,000 USPS employees out of work. Now, more than ever, Americans are banding together to #SaveUSPS by buying stamps and showing their thanks to the postal workers who give them a smile and a batch of mail every day.

Today, we’re honoring these special unsung heroes of the COVID pandemic, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Who are the unsung heroes in your life? Give them a shout out in the comments below so we can celebrate them, too!


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  • I’d like to nominate the brave, hardworking, innovative, educated SCIENTISTS who are also on the front lines working hard researching COVID-19 and searching for therapeutics. I’ve never seen any thank yous to scientists. They too deserve to be thanked. They offer the ONLY hope for the future. Thank you to the people who went to school for decades and dedicate their entire lives to the improvement of the human condition.

    Cristina Wright on

  • I am grateful for all of those who are stepping up to help during this scary time. Thanks to them!!!

    Marion on

  • Don’t forget about the truck drivers moving food and other goods who have been challenged finding food and rest stops to keep them going.

    Tamara Thompson on

  • Where are IT people? If your phone or TV was able to get on Netflix, there’s a reason.

    Roberto on

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