Items Made From Sustainable Materials Are Replacing Plastic

Items Made From Sustainable Materials Are Replacing Plastic

Plastic is everywhere. You cook with it, you clean with it, and it even garnishes your morning iced latte from your favorite coffee spot. However, overuse of plastic products can hurt the environment. Swapping out your plastic goods with products made from sustainable materials can be all it takes to leave a dramatically smaller footprint on the earth.

According to The United Nations, 51 trillion plastic particles fill our planet's seas. To put things in perspective, 500 times more plastic particles fill our oceans than the number of stars in our galaxy!

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By trading the plastic you use in your everyday life for reusable products, you reduce the volume of plastics that end up in our oceans and landfills.

Here are four big plastics you use on the regular that you can swap out for sustainable products and improve your impact on our planet.

Clean Teeth, Clean Environment

A simple way to you can become more eco-friendly is to change the products you use to brush your teeth. Brush Naked makes dental products from 100% sustainable materials, so using their toothbrushes helps the environment in a big way – there's less waste in the landfills and no need to create more plastic!

The company brilliantly crafts their toothbrushes to take care of your oral hygiene and the planet. Instead of using traditional plastic to make their toothbrushes, they use bamboo, one of the earth's natural and renewable plastic alternatives.

Brush Naked's toothbrushes aren't just recyclable — they're compostable, as well. When you're ready to get a new toothbrush, you can bury your old one in your garden without harming your plants or the environment.

Eco-Friendly Hydration

Water is an essential resource in your life, but disposable water bottles can consume a ton of plastic if you don't use an eco-friendly alternative. More than 90% of all plastic is not recycled, which leads to lots of plastic bottles piling up in our landfills and oceans.

que Bottles are made of food-grade silicone, so they make an excellent alternative to plastic bottles. Plus, que Bottle donates 10% of its proceeds to protect wildlife and rainforests, so when you use their bottle, you're quenching your thirst, eliminating waste, and protecting wildlife.

The que Bottle is a useful beverage container for the on-the-go guy or gal, as well. The product shrinks and expands whenever you need it to fit in your gym bag or take something refreshing on the road.

Meet Your Match, Tupperware

Now that it's 2019, Tupperware parties are a relic of the past and the ways of storing food are evolving. Companies like Bee Wild provide an alternative to Tupperware by using natural beeswax to create food wraps, so you can store your leftovers in an environmentally-friendly way.

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Bee Wild's beeswax wraps are biodegradable, non-toxic, and reusable. The company's mission is to reduce consumption of toxic, single-use plastics. Bee Wild's alternative to traditional plastic storage is 100% natural, so you can feel 100% guilt-free about using their wraps.

You can also feel great about contributing to bee conservation efforts when you purchase Bee Wild products since the company donates 100% of profits to the cause. (You read that right!)

Cleaner Caffeine

Kicking your craving for coffee can seem impossible – especially if a cup of java lifts your spirits and lightens your mood. If you want to eliminate using wasteful to-go cups, use a Byta cup to keep your coffee at just the right temperature and satiate that caffeine craving.

Byta makes different sizes of their reusable cups so you have plenty of options to choose from. The company wants to "rid the world of 1 million disposable cups that end up in landfills every minute."

When you replace disposable beverage containers in your everyday life with a cup like Byta's, you'll help decrease the amount of junk that'll end up scattered across our land and oceans.

Sustainable Materials Win Out Over Plastic

Plastic had a good run, but now it belongs in the past – not in our landfills. The list of plastic alternatives is truly endless. Sustainable materials are replacing wasteful plastic and decreasing the amount of junk that clutters the earth.

You can always start simple and begin helping the environment by replacing essential items in your daily life. Ways to keep the environment clean are as simple as switching up the toothbrush you use or changing the way you drink coffee.

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