Sustainability in Practice: Caring for the Planet & Animals on World Wildlife Day 2021

Sustainability in Practice: Caring for the Planet & Animals on World Wildlife Day 2021

Here on ReelTalk, we don’t need a reason to explore the benefits of sustainability, but this time, we have one. Today is World Wildlife Day, and in honor of this holiday, we’d like to celebrate all of the beautiful species that we live alongside.

Sustainability in Practice: Caring for the Planet & Animals on World Wildlife Day 2021

Unfortunately, many of these species are threatened by habitat loss, pollution, and poaching. In order to protect these creatures from extinction, we must take action and promote sustainability.

This is everything you need to know about World Wildlife Day and protecting animals around the globe.

Fun Facts About Wildlife Around the World

Millions upon millions of animal and insect species exist naturally in the wild, and new ones show up all the time. In fact, in 2020 alone, researchers discovered more than 200 previously unknown species!

With so many species out there, it’s easy to find a few with captivating and unique traits. From the ever-so-popular blobfish to the lesser-known axolotl, these are some of the coolest wildlife facts.

  • Whale sharks are vegetarians. These massive 25-ton creatures use their 4,000 teeth only to eat plankton, algae, and plants.
  • Blobfish hunt by floating and expend very little energy to do so. This is because their density is only slightly more than that of water.
  • Axolotl (pictured below) are tiny creatures that resemble Pokemon. These “Mexican salamanders” can regrow lost limbs almost perfectly and are ridiculously resistant to cancer.
An axolotl in its natural habitat
Image courtesy of the San Diego Zoo
  • African lungfish can spend a year out of water. They form a mucus cocoon, burrow in the sand, and rely on a built-in tube and rainwater to breathe.
  • Snails have the most bizarre sleep schedules. In many cases, they’ll snooze for a little bit and then stay awake for up to 30 hours. Even crazier — snails can hibernate for up to three years, if need be!

From the falsely mundane to the never-before-seen, each species is beautiful in its own unique way. Unfortunately, the sustainability of thousands of species is in dire need of our assistance.

What We Can Do to Help Species in Need

In the face of seemingly insurmountable threats to wildlife around the world, there’s still hope. Everyone has the power to make small changes that, when combined, allow wild species to survive and thrive.

Without a doubt, the most significant change a person can make has to do with the brands they choose to buy from. A little research reveals how a company treats animals, sources materials, and more.

Similarly, understanding sustainable shopping labels can tell you how certain products impact the environment. This knowledge will help you choose products and brands that promote sustainability.

Furthermore, advocating for wildlife protection and conservation plays a huge role too. Simply spreading the word about deforestation, poaching, climate change, and other threats to wildlife increases awareness and urges others to take meaningful action as well.

Peaceful demonstrators promoting sustainability and conservation

Practicing sustainability is another way to indirectly help endangered species. By making eco-friendly adjustments, you can reduce your contribution to climate change. As a result, wild species will — quite literally — breathe easier.

For those interested in taking more substantial action, the World Wildlife Fund offers plenty of opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

Practicing Sustainability & Protecting Wildlife

For thousands of years, humans and animals have mostly lived in harmony. Recently, though, modern threats like oil development, forest degradation, and water scarcity put wildlife at risk.

Without proper protection, many of these vulnerable species will be lost forever. Luckily, everyone can take action and do their part to promote sustainability and conservation.

How are you supporting wildlife and the planet in honor of World Wildlife Day? Leave a comment and let us know!


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