SiiZU: A Force for Protecting Prices, People & the Planet

SiiZU: A Force for Protecting Prices, People & the Planet

On Reel Talk, we like to give shout outs to brands taking steps to make our world a greener place. We also think sustainable fashion is great, so for being a force for good in both areas, we’d like to recognize SiiZU!

Reel Paper SiiZU: A Force for Protecting Prices, People & the Planet
Image courtesy of SiiZU

SiiZU (pronounced SEE-zoo) is an incredible brand that crafts fine jewelry and clothing through a wholly sustainable process. They do all of this while supporting the planet in many ways, as well as empowering young women and girls.

From their focus on ethical production to their partner organizations, here’s all you need to know about this amazing brand!

People at Heart

SiiZU has a simple yet powerful philosophy. They believe in sustainably crafting high-quality jewelry and apparel at affordable prices. At SiiZU, they live and breathe this philosophy. They make every decision with both the consumer and worker at heart.

In a traditional retail setting, the price of clothing may be marked up eight times by the time it reaches the customer. To avoid such a hefty price tag, SiiZU has cut out the middlemen entirely and adopted an “extra-lean business model” to deliver products to the customer without extra frivolous expenses.

They prioritize only using factories who treat workers fairly and with the respect they deserve. SiiZU only partners with the most reputable manufacturers. Before they agree to a partnership, their team walks the factory floor and talks to the workers to ensure they’re treated and paid fairly.

As a sincere, honest brand, they’re fully transparent about each factory they work with: They share all factory information on their website.

For both consumers and workers, SiiZU is making fashion a more affordable, ethical industry.

A Wholly Sustainable Process

SiiZU is committed to a wholly sustainable process to keep our planet healthy. From the design to the delivery, every step is for the good of the planet.

Sustainability is not merely a promise – it is a driving force behind
every decision made inside of SiiZU.

At the beginning of the process, designers carefully and consciously use fabric to its full potential – significantly reducing the amount of waste. SiiZU also exclusively uses 100% organic eco-friendly fabrics. Each piece of fabric is responsibly grown and contains no toxins.

Furthermore, they responsibly source all of their materials near the factories that will process them to avoid unnecessary packing and shipping pollution. Similarly, all related parts of their business are located close to one another for the same reason.

Reel Paper SiiZU: A Force for Protecting Prices, People & the Planet
Image courtesy of SiiZU

Finally, when items are sold, they get packaged in recyclable paper bags, not harmful plastic bags.

Protecting the Planet & Empowering Women

SiiZU truly cares about people and the environment, which is why they donate a portion of each sale to two different organizations: one promotes the well-being of the environment, and the other empowers young women.

First, they partner with American Forests. American Forests builds healthy and resilient forests throughout the United States. They do this with the goal of creating an environment where humans and nature can live in harmony.

They also partner with Girl Rising. Girl Rising fights to empower women through education. Their goal is to win every woman the freedom to reach her full potential.

Through their charitable partnerships, SiiZU is empowering women and keeping the world green.

SiiZU Paving the Way in Sustainable Fashion

SiiZU is far more than a clothing brand. They protect their workers, take care of the environment, and fight to help women achieve their dreams. They’re able to do all of that while bringing you high-quality, affordable clothes.

SiiZU is truly an incredible brand. Everything they do is for the planet and the people that live here.

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