National Toilet Paper Day: Changing the World One Square at a Time

National Toilet Paper Day: Changing the World One Square at a Time

Toilet paper. We use it multiple times every day, but how often do we actually appreciate it? Today is National Toilet Paper Day, so it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate this everyday bathroom essential.

A roll of toilet paper in celebration of National Toilet Paper Day

Throughout history, everyone from the ancient Romans to the American pioneers has used a different — and sometimes archaic — form of toilet paper. However, since the beginning, toilet paper has not only been cleaning bottoms but changing lives as well.

Join us in celebrating toilet paper throughout history and its impact on humankind!

A Brief History of Toilet Paper

Toilet paper as we know it — soft, white, and fluffy — is a relatively modern luxury. Although today we can easily just tear off a square when we need it, those who came before us were forced to be more creative.

From at least A.D. 79 all the way until the fall of the empire, ancient Romans cleaned up with what they called a tersorium. Comprising of a sea sponge on a stick, Roman citizens would simply rinse it off and leave it for the next person once they were finished.

Because a single tersorium was often used over and over again by multiple people, it helped Romans develop a stronger sense of community. Furthermore, the kindness and consideration between bathroomgoers of the time is something that we could use more of today.

Jumping a few hundred years ahead, 19th-century American farmers took a more utilitarian approach. You see, each month most Americans received a Sears and Roebuck catalog in the mail. Once they finished browsing, though, there wasn’t much use for it.

In lieu of toilet paper, these pioneering Americans would do their business, tear a page out of the catalog, and clean up. This quick and convenient method was a creative, ingenious solution to a messy problem.

It also turned out to be great for the environment — putting a clever spin on reduce, reuse, and recycle — even though they didn’t know it!

Toilet Paper of Today

In today’s world, most American households rely heavily on toilet paper — so much so that they rushed to stock up when COVID-19 hit the country. However, even this most basic bathroom necessity is actively harming the environment.

“Toilet paper wipes out 27,000 trees per day.” — National Geographic

The production of traditional toilet paper requires huge swaths of wood and water. Unfortunately, the world’s forests are suffering as a result.

A pile of trees that have been cut down

On the bright side, there’s still hope! Several sustainable options have risen to meet the growing need for eco-friendly toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper, in particular, offers a soft, strong, and sustainable bathroom experience.

Making the switch to sustainable toilet paper keeps your bottom and the planet clean and feeling good.

Bath Tissue Solving Humanitarian Issues

Some toilet paper, though, does even more.

In many underserved communities, a lack of toilets forces people to go to the bathroom outside. This situation inevitably leads to public health crises in these communities. When toilets and toilet paper are introduced, the risk of these dangerous illnesses drops dramatically.

Here at Reel, we know firsthand that many people around the world struggle without proper toilets. In response to this crisis, we actively work to promote safe and healthy environments for the people who live there.

Specifically, we work with an organization called SOIL which removes human waste from underserved communities. The removed waste is then turned into nutrient-rich compost that is then used to benefit the community from which it came.

Celebrate National Toilet Paper Day with Reel

Since the dawn of human history, people have been going to the bathroom, and since then, they’ve had to clean up afterward. Over the years, there have been many tools and solutions that eventually evolved into the toilet paper we know and love.

With each iteration of bath tissue, society at large has benefitted in some way. Today, though, traditional TP is wreaking havoc on the environment. Fortunately, sustainable alternatives along with Reel are actively working to change that.

Celebrate National Toilet Paper Day with us! Order your box and make the eco-friendly toilet paper decision today!


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