Bathroom Plants: 7 Pieces of the Greenest Moisture-Loving Décor Around

Bathroom Plants: 7 Pieces of the Greenest Moisture-Loving Décor Around

Decorating your bathroom isn’t easy. Finding decor that fits the space and isn’t damaged by moisture can be tough. Certain bathroom plants, though, make for superb, moisture-resistant focal points.

Bathroom plants add a bit of feng shui to this minimalist bathroom

Whether you choose a small but sturdy spider plant or simple and robust bamboo, the perfect plant can bring your entire bathroom together.

Here are 7 moisture-loving bathroom plants to spruce up your space!

Aloe Vera

If you’ve ever been sunburned, you probably know about aloe vera. Its juice can be used to soothe cuts and burns, and it can even be turned into a refreshing beverage!

Since it’s a succulent, aloe vera doesn’t need to be watered often. In fact, too much water will cause the roots to rot. That being said, overwatering is pretty much the only way to kill this incredibly resilient plant. It’s small, low-maintenance, and can grow in nearly any condition.


Bromeliads are unique in that they naturally take up residence on tree trunks. For this reason, they’re able to adapt to a variety of different conditions.

These special bathroom plants can easily be cultivated in small pots indoors. Furthermore, many bromeliads have long-lasting, brilliantly colored foliage as well. This makes them perfect for bathrooms in need of a splash of color!

Cast Iron Plant

As the name implies, a cast iron plant is as sturdy as bathroom plants come. Similar to aloe vera, a cast iron plant can really only be killed by an excess of water. As long as you let the soil completely dry in between waterings, everything should be fine.

Additionally, cast iron plants aren’t fans of direct sunlight. If you have a darker bathroom that doesn't get a lot of natural light, this may be the plant for you.

Chinese Evergreen

Naturally found in tropical forests, the Chinese evergreen loves the humidity. Its affinity for moisture and partial shade makes it one of the best bathroom plants you can find.

The Chinese evergreen has broad green leaves, but as the plant matures, its leaves become brilliantly patterned with silver as well. It can even grow blossoms — similar to calla-lilies —when it gets the right amount of sun.


If you like hot showers, orchids may be one of your go-to bathroom plants. Preferring warm and humid environments, orchids thrive in post-shower steam.

A bright pink orchid growing indoors

The most rugged species of orchids can survive in nearly any condition, so even if you forget to water them a few times, they’ll have hoarded enough water to get by. Moreover, many tough orchid species will even yield beautiful, exotic flowers for much of the year!

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a simple and unique way to cultivate some good feng shui in your bathroom. One of the most resilient plants around, lucky bamboo can take anything you throw at it.

No matter how brown your thumb is, with a little water and a few pebbles, you can easily grow your own lucky bamboo. Since it requires no soil to grow, it’ll likely become a nice conversation piece, too.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is by far one of the most helpful bathroom plants out there. Not only is it incredibly easy to grow, but it also removes toxins like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from the moist air!

Small enough to fit on a counter, shelf, or the back of the toilet, spider plants’ long, thin foliage is a subtle, minimalist addition to any bathroom.

Which Bathroom Plants Will You Choose?

The bathroom is a small space that can be hard to decorate, but a carefully chosen plant can make all the difference. Whether you’re going for a bright, colorful bathroom or a more sleek, modern feel, there’s a plant for you.

Finding a plant that fits your space and style is easier than you might think. With a little research, you can have the perfect bathroom plant soaking up moisture in no time!

What are your favorite bathroom plants? Leave a comment and let us know!


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