Modern Bathroom Designs: Creating Good Feng Shui in Your Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Designs: Creating Good Feng Shui in Your Bathroom

From both a spiritual and design perspective, the Chinese philosophy of feng shui can enhance your bathroom. By introducing light and positivity into the space, good feng shui allows energy to flow freely through your bathroom and serves as one of the best modern bathroom designs out there.

A natural bathroom space — one of many modern bathroom designs with good energy.

From green decor to vertical light, cultivating good feng shui in your bathroom can be tough at first, but the rewards are well worth it.

Whether you have a luxurious master bath or a tiny water closet, here are some actionable ways to create good feng shui in your bathroom.

The Principles of Feng Shui

The feng shui philosophy seeks freely flowing energy and balance between elements. In fact, the term itself translates to two elements. Feng meaning “wind” and shui meaning “water.” On their own, these elements flow around the globe, but together, they work harmoniously to create life.

Similarly, feng shui aims to optimize the flow of chi — or energy — throughout rooms and buildings. Within minimalist kitchen, trendy office, or modern bathroom designs, feng shui leverages the flow of energy to create success, peace, and health. To do this, practitioners of the philosophy primarily incorporate five main elements.

  • Earth symbolizes stability and balance. This element helps to ground and stabilize.
  • Wood symbolizes growth and vitality. It supports personal growth within your space.
  • Metal symbolizes logic and intelligence which supports knowledge and mental sharpness.
  • Fire symbolizes passion and energy. It brings transformation and volatility to your space.
  • Water symbolizes wisdom and serenity. This element brings clarity and relaxation.

Together, these elements work in harmony to enhance the flow of energy through a home. Exactly which elements are needed in each room is determined by its purpose.

For instance, the bedroom is a calm and relaxing place in which rest and recovery take place. The energetic volatility brought by fire doesn’t necessarily fit with the energy of the room. Instead, water’s serenity brings a more calming chi to the bedroom

Feng Shui in Modern Bathroom Designs

When cultivating good feng shui in your bathroom, it’s easy to get caught up in the details. In fact, it can be challenging to create a positive flow of energy flow in such spaces. Fortunately, with some thoughtful planning, anyone can get started with feng shui while also incorporating pieces of modern bathroom designs.

The most important first step of creating good feng shui in any room is decluttering. In a spiritual sense, clutter — especially in the doorway — impedes the flow of energy through a room. In a more literal sense, clutter is messy, stressful, and causes a risk of falling.

Furthermore, working in some vertical designs promotes growth and expansion. Whether it’s a set of vertical shelves, upward-facing lights, or even a small tree, try to bring something vertical into the room.

A feng shui-friendly bathroom plant atop a bathtub.

Adding some moisture-loving plants to the space keeps things fresh. Symbolizing life and vitality, a piece of green bathroom decor will bring some energy to the room. The right plant can even help you achieve your ideal chi.

Finally, an important feng shui principle is keeping things closed. Doors, toilets, windows, and even drains allow energy to flow out and away. By keeping at least some of these areas closed, you can prevent good energy from flowing away. I highly doubt anyone wants their health or wealth going down the drain!

Modern Bathroom Designs at Home

Designing a bathroom is tough. Maintaining a positive flow of energy with it makes the design even more challenging. However, the challenge is well worth it. Incorporating feng shui into your space can ease stress and promote good vibes.

The elements of feng shui complement most modern bathroom designs, as well. So putting together an attractive bathroom with good energy turns into a less daunting task.

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