Humanitarian Organizations Providing Clean Water Around the Globe

Humanitarian Organizations Providing Clean Water Around the Globe

In the business world, a company's success is usually measured in terms of profit. But what if success can be seen in other ways? Many humanitarian organizations have started to measure success differently.

A new culture of giving back is changing capitalism's emphasis from self-serving to serving others. Not just in terms of incentives for consumers, but through affecting direct change in vulnerable regions of the world.

At Reel, our focus has been on sustainability and promoting access to clean water and sanitation. Like many others, we believe giving back is the key to real success both as a business and as humanitarians.

Because of this, we want to give a nod to some humanitarian organizations that are setting good examples.

The Art of Giving Back

In an effort to combat the lack of accessibility to clean water, some reusable water bottle companies are using their profits to directly influence change.


They're not only all about straws. LifeStraw's membrane ultrafilters take water and make it immediately accessible anywhere, any time. Like many humanitarian organizations, LifeStraw leads with their Give Back Program.

For every item purchased, they provide a year's worth of clean drinking water for someone in need.

They also train, educate, and provide resources to remote communities, creating sustainable water management for up to five years. To date, they've empowered over 3 million people.


Named after the Swiss word for "eco," this company offers replaceable water purification filters in reusable water bottles for anywhere in the world and, apparently, the universe. Their Level-2 Filters are used by NASA in the Space Station.

ÖKO works closely with and its long-reaching mandate of finding market-driven solutions for clean drinking water around the globe.

Health & Dignity Through Sanitation

The concern over sanitation is directly related to clean water. In fact, 2.5 billion people still lack access to proper sanitation all over the world. Improper sanitation contaminates drinking water and leaves people vulnerable to disease and pathogens. It also greatly diminishes their dignity.


SOIL is a sanitation project based in Haiti . They were among the first humanitarian organizations to respond after the earthquakes in 2010, which left hundreds of thousands without access to clean water and proper sanitation.


SOIL brought full-cycle sanitation into the hardest-hit regions and, to this day, their technology is being used to better the lives of many. From waste containment and collection to composting and turning it into fertilizer, SOIL's ongoing work cannot be understated. You can support SOIL's work by making a donation today. 

We're a Part of it, too

That's right, we make toilet paper and we get to help change the world. It's not often we get to turn you-know-what into gold. But even more important is the opportunity to improve lives.

Our giveback principle is in effect for every roll of TP we sell. Every time you buy from us, we donate a single-use biodegradable toilet to vulnerable communities in need. To date, we've donated almost 22,000 toilets.

These toilets neutralize bacteria and convert waste into compost for use in agriculture. Like the other humanitarian organizations we've mentioned, we believe in dignity and sustainability for everyone.

Capitalism + Humanitarian Organizations

Clean water and proper sanitation – these are among the hallmarks of human dignity and health. The more we support companies making change, the greater the change will be.

But it's not just up to us. Humanitarian organizations are only as effective as the support they get. When presented with opportunities to change the world for the better, we encourage you to be among the first to say, "Yes!"

We should also demand that more companies direct their profits to helping others. We know how success has been measured in the past. Now let's define how it can be measured in the future.

Are there other humanitarian organizations that are near and dear to your heart? Tell us about them in the comments below! The more people know, the more they can help.


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