An Environmental Crisis: How to Combat Misinformation & Climate Change

An Environmental Crisis: How to Combat Misinformation & Climate Change

The environmental crisis has been called the existential threat of our time, and here at Reel, we have to agree. The science behind climate change is undeniable. However, misinformation about the destruction of our planet continues to plague much of society.

An Environmental Crisis: How to Combat Misinformation & Climate Change

It’s as though we’re fighting a war on two fronts. On one side, we have melting ice, droughts, and species on the verge of extinction. On the other, an army of individuals who refuse to recognize the grave threat of this crisis.

In the face of severe environmental misinformation, we’ve brought you the cold, hard facts from reputable organizations built on scientific truth.

Arm Yourself With the Facts

The effects of the climate crisis reach far and wide, and keeping up with the evidence can be a daunting task. For this reason, we’ve outlined some of the major causes and effects of climate change as well as how many of them are interconnected.

The term “global warming” has become synonymous with the environmental crisis. Stemming from the well-documented rise in atmospheric temperatures, global warming results in melting ice, rising sea levels, and more heat absorption — more on that later.

Not only have the last three years been the warmest ever, but communities around the world frequently experience an alarming number of extreme weather events. In recent history, we’ve experienced everything from Category-5 hurricanes to drought-fueled wildfires and from deadly heatwaves to even deadlier winter storms.

Ask yourself: how many once-in-a-lifetime storms have you seen in just the last several years?

We’re not even the only species threatened by climate change. In fact, nearly every species on the planet suffers the effects of habitat destruction, drought, ocean acidification, and much, much more.

What’s Causing This Environmental Crisis?

Although the global temperatures steadily increase over time, human action has caused a dramatic spike. Since 1880, temperatures have increased by about 0.13°F each decade, but the average since 1980 is more than twice that.

The human component of this crisis is undeniable. However, the effects of climate change also perpetuate the crisis by creating a positive feedback loop of negative events.

For example, warm temperatures and dry land make devastating wildfires possible. These fires release huge amounts of smoke and carbon dioxide into the air which contribute to the warming of the planet. Also, the devastation of forests means there are fewer trees to process the CO2 that’s released.

An Environmental Crisis: How to Combat Misinformation & Climate Change

Furthermore, rising temperatures result in melting snow and ice. In addition to higher sea levels, the loss of snow and ice inhibits the planet’s albedo, or ability to reflect heat. As a result, the earth absorbs more heat and temperatures rise even more.

How Can I Combat Climate Change?

Even though the facts paint a grim picture, we still have the power to affect change. The best way to do so is to make sustainable adjustments in your everyday life. These consistent changes will ultimately lead to success. Composting, cutting back on paper products, and shopping locally are all easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Moreover, it’s also important to get the word out. Spending some time educating others on the dangers of the environmental crisis brings more people into the fight. Their sustainable actions will contribute to the effort to curb climate change.

Most importantly, don’t give up. Significant improvement will take time. After all, true change won’t come from a single moment of intense green fervor. Rather, it will be the result of consistent action over time.

A Future Marred By an Environmental Crisis

The climate crisis is grave. From melting ice to endangered species, the planet is approaching the point of no return.

Fortunately, there’s still time to mitigate this crisis. By making sustainable switches and encouraging others to do the same, we can leave a healthier, greener world for generations to come.

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