11 DIY Tips & Tricks to Get Your Bathroom Organized & Maximize Storage Space

11 DIY Tips & Tricks to Get Your Bathroom Organized & Maximize Storage Space

Oftentimes, bathrooms serve several purposes, so storage space — or a lack thereof — can quickly become an issue. Depending on your bathroom layout, ways to organize and maximize storage in the space can be a challenge. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of solutions for you to choose from.

Bath accessories on shelfs in bathroom

Storage is often seen as purely functional and utilitarian. However, your bathroom aesthetic is unique, so you shouldn’t have to compromise style to get it organized.

Here are our 11 favorite tips and tricks for maximizing bathroom storage in style!

1. Evaluate Your Bathroom Layout & Make a Plan

The crucial first step of any organizational endeavor is making a plan. If you start randomly tackling areas, you’ll quickly find yourself without a cohesive design or effective organization.

Instead, take a look at your bathroom layout and devise a plan for the space. This way, you’ll have a strategy to guide you through your organizational journey.

2. Hang Baskets as Shelves

For a bathroom layout with limited floor space, walls offer plenty of real estate. Hanging baskets as shelves clears up floor, cabinet, and counter space while offering an effective storage option for makeup, extra toothpaste, or even bamboo toilet paper.

3. Simplify Your Counter Space

Bathroom Layout & Organization: How to Maximize Storage Space

The bathroom counter. The place where you leave things that you use every day or you don’t know what to do with. Condense your daily items — like combs or toothbrushes — in one or a few stylish cups on the counter. Everything else, find the item a home that suits it better.

4. Add Storage to Your Shower Curtain

Additionally, shower space proves itself to be challenging as well. Especially for people with a lot of shampoos, soaps, face cleansers, exfoliators, lotions... you get the picture. Luckily, an ingenious shower enthusiast came up with a shower curtain liner adorned with mesh bags to hold all of your must-haves.

5. Organize Your Under-Sink Cabinet

The cabinet below your sink offers expansive and versatile storage space — especially in a limited bathroom layout. From cleaning supplies to hair products, plenty of products can call this cabinet home. Because it’s below the sink and protected by a door, it doesn’t even have to be pretty, just functional.

6. Even Use the Cabinet Doors

Speaking of cabinet doors, why not use them for more storage? Adhesive, velcro, or magnetic strips attached to the inside of the doors create even more space. These will give you the option to store larger items like hairdryers, curling irons, or large brushes with ease.

7. Tidy Up Open Space Beneath the Sink

If your bathroom layout doesn't include an enclosed space beneath the sink, don’t worry. Use small trays or larger baskets to tidy up the area and make instant progress!

8. Vertically Store Your TP

Floor space is valuable, so using it effectively is crucial. Try keeping your extra toilet paper in a vertical holder within arm’s reach of the toilet. This uses minimal floor space and makes it easy to grab a roll of TP when you’re out — because how often do you know when exactly you’ll finish a roll.

9. Get a Dual-Purpose Mirror

Beautiful girl choosing beauty products from the bathroom cabinet

Although it’s mostly for admiring yourself, a mirror can serve other purposes. In particular, some offer hidden storage space. A dual-purpose mirror gives you even more easily accessible storage for the things you use most often.

10. Introduce Pull-Out Storage

If you’re anything like me, you despise reaching deep into a cabinet trying to find something. Pull-out racks get rid of this by easily presenting you with everything in the cabinet. When you’re not using it, it slides out of sight and back into the cabinet.

11. Bring in a Roll-Away Storage Space

Finally, roll away storage carts bring versatility to your bathroom layout. Stock it with items you use together, but not all the time, for storage that’s only there when you need it. If you’re having company, just roll it away and you’ve introduced more floor space!

Elite Organization For Any Bathroom Layout

Bathroom storage is a challenge, and your bathroom layout can make it even more difficult to organize. Fortunately, whatever the layout and the aesthetic, there are plenty of organizational options that work for you!

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