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Customers Love Reel

Best toilet paper I've ever used.

Hillary A.

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Our bamboo toilet paper costs $36.99 for subscription purchases and $43.99 + shipping for one time purchases. Our recycled paper towels cost $39.99 for subscription purchases and $44.99 + shipping for one time purchases

We provide eco-friendly toilet paper in order to protect the planet and combat deforestation. And we know that we’re making a difference based on your Reel toilet paper review. We can see the growing interest in bamboo and recycled paper products, which inspires us to continue what we love.

You are able to cancel anytime before your next Reel Paper order is placed, which is automatically based on your subscription frequency.

Yes, you can purchase a box of premium bamboo toilet paper or recycled paper towels without a subscription. However, we recommend subscribing to enjoy free shipping. You can cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason, hassle-free.

All recycled paper products are sourced and made in North America. We re-use recycled paper that’s readily available in the USA for our products and packaging.

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