7 High-Tech Bathroom Gadgets Bringing Bathrooms into the Future

7 High-Tech Bathroom Gadgets Bringing Bathrooms into the Future

Bathrooms have come a long way since the days of tersoria in ancient Rome. From smart devices to toilet paper robots, bathroom gadgets keep getting more and more impressive.

Bathroom Gadgets Bringing Bathrooms into the Future

Although many of these high-tech gadgets make your bathroom more luxurious, some prioritize making it more sustainable as well. Technology and sustainability are the perfect pair to promote green lifestyles without compromising comfort and luxury.

Here are some of the coolest high-tech gadgets bringing bathrooms into the future!

Stillness Bath by Kohler

At CES 2021, Kohler unveiled a line of modern fixtures for a luxurious and high-tech bathroom. One of those fixtures is the Stillness Bath. Designed to recreate the atmosphere of a spa, this bathroom gadget deploys fog, full-spectrum lighting, and essential oils. Their goal is to fully immerse your senses, allowing you to peacefully unwind.

Smart Bath Mat by BBalance

Many people begin and end their days in the bathroom. The Smart Bath Mat by BBalance brings harmony to those beginnings and endings. This bath mat uses more than 3500 pressure sensors to assess weight, posture, and body composition. It doesn’t display any data immediately, so you can track body metrics without the stress of seeing them.

Additionally, this high-tech bathroom gadget keeps your data private and secure. Using footprint recognition technology, the Smart Bath Mat identifies each user to tailor the experience exclusively to them.

Hydronic Towel Warmer by ICO

There’s nothing better than getting out of a warm, relaxing shower and into a warm, comfy towel. ICO’s Hydronic Towel Warmer mounts on the wall and allows you to easily hang your towel over it.

This bathroom gadget uses hydronic heating — a form of radiant heating that employs water to keep your towel warm. Since water conducts heat better than air, hydronic heating is a more energy-efficient way to keep your towel (and bathroom) warm.

Kohler Digital Shower System

As one of the leaders in smart bathroom technology, it’s no surprise that Kohler has a third bathroom gadget on this list. As Kohler’s most advanced shower system, the DTV+ brings water, steam, lighting, and sound together to create a truly unmatched experience. And it’s all controlled by a touchscreen.

Pani Smart Water Monitor

One of the core tenets of living sustainably is cutting back on unnecessary water consumption. In order to do that, though, you first have to know how much water you’re using. That’s where the Pani Smart Water Monitor comes in.

Bathroom Gadgets Bringing Bathrooms into the Future
Image courtesy of Pani

Attaching effortlessly to often-used showers or toilets, this bathroom gadget paints a clear picture of your water footprint. Within the app, you can see how much water you’re using and get actionable tips for how to reduce it. With every drop saved, Pani contributes money to water well projects around the world.

Innate Intelligent Toilet by Kohler

Another high-tech fixture announced at CES 2021, Kohler’s Innate Intelligent Toilet offers a wide array of comfortable features. An intuitive remote controls the heated seat, auto-opening lid, and bidet. All of which makes this toilet an affordable foray into luxury bathroom products.

Smart Water Heater by Rheem

The Smart Electric Water Heater by Rheem is a stellar combination of high-quality function and sustainability. This water heater can be controlled from your phone. It allows you to adjust water temperatures, track energy usage, and even tell it when you’re going on vacation!

The Smart Electric Water Heater boasts some other pretty advanced features as well. This gadget can detect failing parts before they fail so that you can get them serviced. It can also detect leaks and shut off before losing even 20 ounces of water!

Bathroom Gadgets & Bathrooms of the Future

Bathroom technology is changing rapidly. Fortunately, many of these technological advances to only improve comfort but sustainability as well. After all, reducing your carbon footprint is the best way to ensure bathroom technology can thrive for generations to come.

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