7 Bathroom Decorating Ideas for a Sustainably Chic Space

7 Bathroom Decorating Ideas for a Sustainably Chic Space

Let’s be honest: redesigning your bathroom aesthetic is fun! Choosing colors, lighting, and plants allows you to embrace your creative side, and bathroom decor ideas provide you with the inspiration to do so.

7 Bathroom Decorating Ideas for a Sustainably Chic Space

From choosing the right towels to creating a balance of energy, we’ve put together a list of some of our top bathroom design tips.

Here are seven bathroom decor ideas that will take your space to the next level!

Choose Calm Colors

Nobody wants to be stressed out when they walk into a bathroom. Choosing calm colors — like blues, purples, and greens — maintains a low emotional temperature throughout the space and builds a space that promotes serenity and relaxation.

Additionally, offsetting pops of vivid color with neutral tones — like whites or greys — can create a pleasant contrast.

Incorporate Feng Shui

Bringing the Chinese philosophy of feng shui into your bathroom cultivates a positive flow of energy through the room. In a more physical sense, though, the philosophy promotes bathroom decor ideas like using vertical designs and adding a balance of different elements throughout the space.

Essentially, the use of feng shui creates a chic, modern bathroom design that fosters positivity and relaxation.

Use Soft, Warm Lighting

Similar to color, the wrong lighting can transform your bathroom into a harsh and stressful environment. Soft light choices make for a warm and welcoming space that won’t inhibit your ability to relax.

7 Bathroom Decorating Ideas for a Sustainably Chic Space

Lighting can also include candles. The right candle introduces an aroma that matches your aesthetic and maximizes the emotional warmth of the space.

Let Your Linens Make a Statement

In certain spaces, your choice of linens makes a statement. In others, your choices quietly support the aesthetic of the room. Deciding whether you'd prefer bold or gentle patterns and colors can easily dictate the design of your entire bathroom.

Consider Dual Shower Curtains

If your bathroom has a shower curtain, consider replacing it with two smaller curtains. This gives you the option of leaving them partially open which turns your shower into the focal point of the bathroom.

When someone enters the room, their eyes will be immediately drawn to the space between the curtains. This presents a unique opportunity for you to implement a shower design that will blow your guests away.

Furthermore, dual shower curtains allow for more dramatic entrances and exits — a bit like theatrically walking through a set of double doors.

Carefully Curate Your Furnishings

Similar to your choice of linens, the furnishings you choose say a lot about the aesthetic of your space. Do you opt for a neutral faucet or a bold one? What shape will your mirror be? It all depends on how much you want them to stand out.

Subtle furnishings — like silver or black faucets and square or round mirrors — leave the bold statements to other parts of the room. On the other hand, gold or vividly colored faucets and uniquely-shaped mirrors leave little room for more audacious components.

Populate Your Bathroom With Plants

The right plant can do a lot for your space. From hanging aloe vera to minimalist lucky bamboo, plant choice and placement possibilities are virtually limitless. So naturally, the inclusion of moisture-loving plants is one of our favorite bathroom decor ideas.

7 Bathroom Decorating Ideas for a Sustainably Chic Space

When selecting your plant, be sure its sun and moisture needs fit your bathroom environment. A dead or dying plant will not do your bathroom any favors. Furthermore, some plants provide your space with added benefits like removing harmful toxins from the air!

Bathroom Decor Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

Redoing your bathroom aesthetic is a fun endeavor that allows you to let your creativity flow. With so much inspiration available, the possibilities for your bathroom design are limitless.

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