Master Your Bathroom Aesthetic With Our Favorite Design Inspirations

Master Your Bathroom Aesthetic With Our Favorite Design Inspirations

Although planning out your bathroom tends to be a significant task, defining your bathroom aesthetic is fun. From brass fixtures to stone soap dishes, thoughtfully designing your space allows you to get creative and express yourself.

Master Your Bathroom Aesthetic With Our Favorite Design Inspirations

The possibilities for your bathroom aesthetic are nearly endless, but this list is a great starting point.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite bathroom design inspirations!

Find Unique, Attractive Patterns

A well-placed pattern defines your bathroom aesthetic. Choosing a bold and unique design for your towels, tiles, or even your toilet and tub turns into the focal point of your entire space. On the other hand, subtle designs serve to complement other colors and features.

However, an ill-used pattern does just the opposite. Incorporating too much of a bold pattern creates a cluttered, overwhelming feeling in the bathroom. Similarly, a pattern that’s too subtle or not used enough will fade meaninglessly into the background.

Bring Some Green Into Your Space

By green, we mean a plant. Some plants absolutely love humid environments, and after a nice hot shower, they’ll love your bathroom. From aloe vera to orchids — and even bamboo — there’s a perfect plant for your bathroom aesthetic.

These pieces of green decor do far more than just look pretty. Bathroom plants also offer benefits like removing toxins from the air and making the room smell. Others are ridiculously resilient so even people with the brownest of thumbs can cultivate them!

Be Bold With Brass

Faucets and other fixtures present an easy and effective way to spice up your bathroom aesthetic. Opting for a brass finish on these fixtures makes a statement that’s aligned with some of the top bathroom design trends.

Master Your Bathroom Aesthetic With Our Favorite Design Inspirations

Similarly, finding a brass-framed mirror or other brass accessories may be a more budget-friendly way to master your bathroom’s design.

Add Creative Pops of Color

Just like bold patterns, pops of vibrant color add character to a space. Incorporating such colors into your bathroom’s most impressive features will turn them into the room’s focal point. Using additional softer complementary or adjacent colors will solidify the theme and bring your whole bathroom together.

Some popular areas for creative color choice include the bathtub, toilet, towels, and even the grout in resides between tiles!

Or Just Stick to Whites & Blacks

Sometimes bright colors just don’t fit the aesthetic of your bathroom, and that’s okay. Neutral tones — like blacks, whites, and greys — add character to a bathroom as well. These colors are minimalist staples and create a modern bathroom design with a chic vibe.

You can still use neutral colors to draw attention to certain areas. With such colors, the brightest whites and the darkest blacks or greys serve as the bold pops of color. You’d add these neutral colors to the desired focal points of the bathroom.

Incorporate Stones or Masonry

Introducing stone features and masonry into your bathroom is a timeless classic. Some popular options include incorporating marble and granite countertops, walls, and flooring. However, these options can be a bit expensive.

Fortunately, more affordable options — like faux stone wallpaper, stone soap dishes, or even growing lucky bamboo in a bed of pebbles — have risen to prominence.

Make it a Bastion of Peace & Tranquility

At the end of a long, hard day, all you want to do is relax and chill out. Leveraging your bathroom aesthetic to create a space that fosters peace and tranquility is a win-win. While this may not seem like true bathroom design inspiration, trust us — bathroom spa aesthetic is definitely a thing.

The best part? Creating your very own home spa is much easier and affordable than it sounds. By simply choosing calming colors, soft lighting, nice aromas, and splurging for some quality furnishings, you’ll be relaxing in no time!

What’s Your Bathroom Aesthetic?

Our list only represents a few of the nearly limitless ways to define the aesthetic of your bathroom. Though, we hope our favorite design inspirations got you excited about your own bathroom aesthetic!

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