10 Amazing Tricks for Cleaning Your Bathroom

10 Amazing Tricks for Cleaning Your Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom can be a pain. From stubborn soap scum to spotty mirrors, there’s a lot of ground to cover and plenty of room for frustration. If you’re looking to up your bathroom cleaning game, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are ten amazing tricks to use the next time you clean your bathroom!

Whether you want to make your cleaning routine easier, more sustainable, or anything in between, this is for you. These ten bathroom cleaning strategies will keep your bathroom fresh, clean, and sustainable.

Here are ten amazing tricks to use the next time you clean your bathroom!

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Plenty of store-bought cleaners are powerful cleansers, but have also proven to be harmful to humans. In fact, some chemical cleaners can even damage your toilet! Avoid damage and harm by opting for eco-friendly cleaners instead.

Consider Lysol Daily Cleanser — which is natural yet still kills 99.9% of germs — or Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products.

Opt for Reusable Rags or Recycled Paper Towels

Cleaning the bathroom is a massive job. Using traditional paper towels would require several rolls and negatively impact the environment. Instead, opt for reusable rags or super-absorbent and durable recycled paper towels!

Move Everything Before You Get Started

Before you start cleaning, be sure to prepare the space. Rather than moving things as you go, move them all at once. This way you don’t waste time trying to move things around as you go, and you’ll be finished faster.

Let the Shower & Tub Soak

Apply the cleaner to the shower and tub early and let it soak. While it soaks, you can move on and get other things done. Once the cleaner has had time to cut through the grime, go back and scrub it down. You’ll find that there’s much less elbow grease involved this way.

Clean the Showerhead with Vinegar

Showerheads are tough to clean, but there’s a way to do it without getting dripped on. Fill a sandwich bag with vinegar and put it on the end of the showerhead. Make sure that everything you want clean is submerged. Then, leave it on overnight and the fixture will be clean by morning!

Spring for Lemon & Baking Soda on Grout

When grout gets dirty, it’s noticeable. Fortunately, grout is fairly easy to clean. Baking soda is great for surface cleaning and lemon tackles the tougher spots. Use an old toothbrush to get the lemon juice and baking soda right into the grout and scrub.

Clean the Mirror with Black Tea

Ever curious how to reuse your old tea bags? Well, it turns out that black tea works wonders on mirrors! The tannic acid is able to dissolve grease and grime without leaving smears. Apply the tea with a microfiber cloth to add even more anti-streak power.

Here are ten amazing tricks to use the next time you clean your bathroom!

Pair Baking Soda & Vinegar to Clear Drains

Slow drains are annoying, and left unchecked they can turn into major problems. Putting some baking soda into the drain and then adding vinegar will annihilate any clogs. Afterward, rinse the drain with hot water to clear out any pesky remnants.

Keep Things Fresh

Opening a window or turning on a fan gets air moving through the space. Doing this can help clear out any lingering odors and freshen up the bathroom. Fresh air also prevents cleaning odors from building up.

Get a Cleansing Plant

To ensure continued freshness even after you clean, introduce a toxin-cleansing plant into the bathroom. Spider plants, aloe vera, peace lilies, and garden mums all clean the air and keep your space feeling fresh!

Keeping Your Bathroom Clean & Green

Cleaning the bathroom is no easy task, but these ten tips make it a little easier and more sustainable. Be sure to break out the vinegar and baking soda next time you get cleaning!

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