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Why tree-free paper...

Take a deep breath - in that one second a plot of forest the size of a tennis court was lost to make paper products. We see a different path - one where the forests are left alone.



Forests remove 1/4 of the CO2 humans add to the atmosphere.

Not only are forests home to many communities and animal species, they are also the biggest asset we have in the fight to reduce our CO2 levels.

Deforestation doubles the negative impact.

Healthy, in-tact forests remove carbon dioxide and store it in their trunks and in the soil. By losing these forests, we are both releasing that stored carbon and diminishing the forests ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

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Solutions that last.

Our mission has always been to reduce deforestation and to preserve our forests.

Using innovative, tree-free fibers - we will continue to develop products that create this change in the world.

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