9 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts You Can Do With Your Kids

9 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts You Can Do With Your Kids

With the right activity, you can fill even the longest of days with fun for the whole family. Toilet paper roll crafts are perfect eco-friendly family projects that everyone can enjoy!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts to Do With Your Kids | Reel Talk

From purely decorative all the way to fully functional, there’s a craft for everyone. Whichever you choose, family fun is guaranteed.

Here are our nine favorite toilet paper roll crafts to do with your kids!

Fun & Functional Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Some kids prefer making crafts that do things. Such projects can keep them entertained indefinitely, and even present opportunities for learning, too!

Upcycled Seedling Pots

For example, these toilet tube seedling pots. Upcycled toilet paper rolls are perfect for housing seeds in an indoor or outdoor garden — especially if they’re made of biodegradable bamboo.

Furthermore, this project is a great way to teach your kids about caring for and growing plants in your garden.

Pom Pom Cannon

An empty roll of TP, a balloon, and a soft projectile come together to make one of the best toilet paper roll crafts: the pom pom cannon. Fully customizable and able to fire most harmless projectiles, this craft keeps all ages amused.

Star Tubes

These star tubes keep kids engaged and entertained when the lights go out. By poking holes in black tissue paper, you can recreate real constellations. Attach the paper to a TP roll and shine a light through it to illuminate the bedroom ceiling. Not only will most children be amazed, but they’ll be more eager to learn about the solar system.

Bird Feeder

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts to Do With Your Kids | Reel Talk
Image courtesy of Attachment Mummy

Some kids are absolutely enamored with birds, and this toilet tube bird feeder will make their day! All you have to do is lather an empty roll in nut butter and cover it with birdseed. A bamboo skewer through the bottom will give birds a place to stand as well.

This project will get kids excited about nature and learning more about its wonders!

Pencil Holder

Although a pencil holder isn’t as cool as a star tube or a pom pom cannon, it still has its place. This project lets kids be freely creative and design it however they want. Such creativity will undoubtedly bring about fun times and good memories.

Purely Fun & Imaginative Projects

Other kids tend to prefer toilet paper roll crafts that favor imagination. These projects transport them to fantastical worlds where anything can happen!

Fire-Breathing Dragon

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts to Do With Your Kids | Reel Talk
Image courtesy of One Little Project

Kids who dream of knights and castles will love this fire-breathing dragon! With simple craft supplies and an empty TP roll, any kid can make a fearsome dragon that breathes fire when you blow through it!

Mini TP Town

This mini TP town offers endless possibilities when it comes to making the perfect cityscape. By cutting slits into an empty roll, each building can be stacked on others. Whether your kids want to build vertically or horizontally, this project has them covered. It also pairs well with LEGO minifigs that can bring the world to life.

Toilet Roll Dinosaurs

One of the more complicated projects on this list, these toilet roll dinosaurs are a fan favorite. A toilet roll, some paint, and a bit of careful scissor work are all it takes to transport kids back in time.

Upcycled Minion Army

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts to Do With Your Kids | Reel Talk
Image courtesy of Crafts by Amanda

Everyone loves Minions. With some construction paper, toilet tubes, and creativity, kids can have an army of unique upcycled Minions in no time! Bringing these Despicable Me characters to life may inspire them to dream up some Minion-worthy adventures.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for the Whole Family

Kids and parents alike enjoy time spent making and using toilet paper roll crafts. Whether your kids prefer functional projects or ones that require more imagination, they’ll have a blast with our top nine!

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