Best Toilet Paper for Plumbing & Septic Systems

Best Toilet Paper for Plumbing & Septic Systems

Toilet papera modern luxury that many of us take for granted, and we think little about what happens to it after we flush. Unfortunately, regular toilet paper as we’ve come to know it — thick, soft, and fluffy — can really take a toll on modern plumbing systems.

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Whether you have a septic system or you’re connected to a sewer line, using the proper toilet paper ensures that every flush is as smooth as possible. Inadequate bathroom tissue, on the other hand, may erupt in a very unpleasant and smelly disaster.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best toilet paper for your plumbing needs!

What Toilet Paper Do Plumbers Recommend?

Without a doubt, plumbers are the undisputed toilet and septic experts. When they talk about keeping toilets healthy and working properly, people listen. So, what toilet paper do plumbers consider to be the best toilet paper for plumbing?

Fast-Dissolving Toilet Paper

In general, try to avoid unnecessarily soft or thick toilet paper — even though it’s a nice treat for your behind. Instead, plumbers suggest opting for toilet paper that dissolves well in water.

Plumbers recommend bath tissue that breaks down when wet because it significantly lowers your risk of having a toilet clog. A backup can only exist when a blockage occurs in the pipes, and fast-dissolving toilet paper breaks up before a toilet clog even has the chance to form.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

When it comes to toilet paper, it’s best to look for a combination of comfort and functionality. A mega-plush roll may be bad for your plumbing system, but half-ply, tear-in-your-hands sandpaper isn’t much better.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of bath tissue options that take it easy on your pipes and your bottom. However, out of the many options available, bamboo toilet paper stands above them all.

Each square of Reel bamboo toilet paper roll is three-ply — for extra comfort and strength — as well as fully and quickly soluble in water. Not only will it make your bathroom experience comfy, but it’ll keep you from having to deal with a backed-up toilet.

What Toilet Paper Is Best for Septic Systems?

If it’s not properly maintained, a septic system can get very messy very quickly, and a septic system back up is way worse than a clogged toilet. When taking care of your system, be sure to consider the type of toilet paper you use.

Much like with a traditional sewer system, toilet paper that’s too thick or doesn’t break down fast enough can quickly form a clog. However, with septic systems, the stakes are higher because that same toilet paper will also occupy more space in your septic tank. As a result, the septic tank will fill up more often and increase the risk of an overflow.

Luckily, preventing such a foul occurrence is pretty simple.

Things That Are Bad for Septic Systems

Avoid flushing things that cause harmful buildup in your tank. Some of these include:

  • Cooking grease or oil which can solidify in the tank.
  • Any flushable wipe— they really aren’t that flushable.
  • Paper towels which are meant to be resilient and absorbent.
  • Condoms and feminine products that will not break down well at all.

Using septic safe toilet paper that effortlessly breaks down in water — like the bamboo variety — will dramatically ease the stress put on your septic system. As we mentioned before, though, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for crappy toilet tissue.

Finding the perfect balance between comfort and functionality is the key to every bathroomgoer’s happiness.

Bamboo Toilet Paper for the Win

Plumbing problems can be a stinky and stressful experience. Fortunately, the right toilet paper can markedly lower your risk of having them.

Bamboo toilet paper is a soft, strong, and biodegradable bath tissue that will keep you and your plumbing feeling good.

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