Toilet Paper & the Environment: 4 Common Questions Answered

Toilet Paper & the Environment: 4 Common Questions Answered

According to a 2019 article in The Guardian, traditional toilet paper — the non-bamboo variety — is becoming more and more harmful to the planet. This raises plenty of concerns about the sustainability of traditional toilet paper, and it forces more people to consider making the switch to tree-free TP.

Four rolls of toilet paper rolling across a blue surface

As bathroom goers start to question the environmental impact of traditional toilet paper, they’re likely to have a few questions. How much toilet paper gets used every year? How many trees does it take to make toilet paper? What toilet paper dissolves the best?

And of course — the most important question of all — what are the benefits of treeless toilet paper?

Here are four of the most pressing questions — and answers — about toilet paper and the environment!

How Much Toilet Paper Gets Used Every Year?

In the United States alone, Americans burn through more than 32 billion rolls of toilet paper per year! Although that number is staggering, other countries like Germany and the United Kingdom use similar amounts per capita. Still, 32 billion rolls is a number that’s difficult to comprehend.

If Americans were to make the switch to tree-free toilet paper, the benefit to the environment would be dramatic, to say the least. In fact, if just 1% of the U.S. population made the change, more than 320 million rolls of traditional paper would be saved each year.

How Many Trees Does it Take to Make Toilet Paper?

As the demand for paper products grows, so does massive deforestation in order to produce that paper. Let’s take a look at an everyday example: paper grocery bags. Although they’re far better for the planet than plastic, a busy supermarket could use one whole tree worth of paper bags in less than an hour.

A field of tree stumps left by mass deforestation

That doesn’t say very much about toilet paper, though. After all, far more people use toilet paper every day than use paper bags. On average, a single tree only makes about 200 rolls of toilet paper.

A recent survey showed that 49 million Americans used between one and four rolls of toilet paper over the course of a month. If each of them, on average, used about two rolls of traditional TP, then almost 500,000 trees were used to make their toilet paper.

What Toilet Paper Dissolves the Best?

When it comes to the environment, how quickly something breaks down is always an important concern. Since all toilet paper is, well... paper, it’ll all break down eventually. However, some varieties break down and dissolve more quickly in water. This can take any undue strain off of your pipes and off of the environment.

In general, the most environmentally unfriendly toilet paper is a thick, ultra-plush roll and mega-soft roll. This kind of toilet paper is often made with virgin pulp — so directly from trees — and is so thick that it can take forever to break down. If you’re constantly battling clogged toilets, thick toilet paper may be the problem.

Bamboo toilet paper, on the other hand, offers a simple solution. With unmatched strength and softness, bamboo toilet paper also keeps septic and sewage systems free of clogs. In fact, it dissolves so quickly in water that there’s really no time for a clog to form.

What Are the Benefits of Tree-Free Toilet Paper?

Switching to treeless toilet paper is one of the easiest ways to significantly help the environment. Bamboo toilet paper, in particular, is the premier green toilet tissue. Boasting a soft yet strong bathroom experience, bamboo toilet paper will leave you feeling clean without backing up your toilet.

A bamboo forest — the premier material for sustainable toilet paper

Furthermore, bamboo isn’t nearly as vulnerable to deforestation as trees are. As the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo can grow to a height of more than 25 feet in less than 23 days! Because of its rapid growth rate, bamboo is likely the most renewable resource for producing toilet paper!

Still not convinced? Reel offers high-quality bamboo toilet paper that protects the planet as well as the people who live here.

Here are a few other reasons to consider making the switch to bamboo. Bamboo toilet paper from Reel...

As the best sustainable and renewable option for toilet paper production, bamboo is the way of the future. Not only does it provide a pleasant experience in the bathroom, but it also protects the planet.

Make the Sustainable Switch

As demand for toilet paper rises, so does the deforestation needed to produce it — and traditional TP isn’t getting any greener. The best option is to make the switch to tree-free toilet paper.

Although there are several eco-friendly options, bamboo makes for the ultimate green toilet paper, by far. Bamboo toilet paper is great for the environment, and it’s also great for you and your home.

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