Bamboo Toilet Paper: A Force for Protecting the World’s Forests

Bamboo Toilet Paper: A Force for Protecting the World’s Forests

For decades, traditional toilet paper production has stripped many of the world’s forests bare. However, in the face of such blatant disregard for the environment, there is a solution: bamboo toilet paper.

Mass deforestation hurts the environment. Bamboo toilet paper cana help.

Offering a soft, strong, and sustainable bathroom experience, bamboo toilet paper is leading the charge toward treeless bath tissue.

Here’s everything you need to know about toilet paper-related deforestation and how tree-free TP is working against it!

The Impact of Traditional Toilet Paper

Unlike bamboo toilet paper, traditional toilet paper uses virgin pulp harvested from newly cut down trees.

Common toilet paper from virgin pulp wipes out more than 27,000 trees per day, and that number is not going down. In fact, according to the World Wildlife Fund, the amount of wood harvested annually could triple by the year 2050.

Spanning more than 1.3 billion acres, Canada’s boreal forest occupies nearly 30% of the world’s boreal zone. This vast area of land is far from uninhabited. Roughly half of Canadian birds and 70% of Canadian Aboriginal communities call the boreal forest home.

Unfortunately, this ecological and cultural paragon of North America faces mass deforestation every day. Between 1996 and 2019, more than 28 million acres of Canadian boreal forest have been left barren. For reference, 28 million acres is about the size of the state of Pennsylvania.

Deforestation & the Future of Our Planet

Whether it’s Canada’s boreal forest or the Amazon, mass deforestation will tear our planet apart in the long run. Its broad and calamitous impact on the environment isn’t going anywhere.

On its own, cutting down trees takes a big toll on the planet. The act of physically removing, transporting, and processing trees dumps huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Furthermore, fewer trees and thinner forests significantly reduce the absorption of CO2.

Essentially, deforestation puts more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and kneecaps our planet's ability to take it out an Each year, fewer of these magnificent creatures walk the earth and4more join the endangered species list.

Although its impacts on climate change are huge, deforestation affects native people and species far more heavily. About 1.25 billion people around the world rely on forests for shelter, work, as well as food and water. Deforestation leaves these people with nothing.

Additionally, iconic and beloved species like the Asian Elephant, Tree Kangaroo, and Rhinoceros are being affected as well. Each year, fewer of these magnificent creatures walk the earth as more join the endangered species list.

Luckily, there’s something we can do.

Bamboo Changes the Toilet Paper Game

Unlike the traditional variety, bamboo toilet paper actually helps protect the planet. A highly durable and renewable resource, it provides for a soft and strong bathroom experience that easy on the environment.

Bamboo can be replaced almost as fast as it can be harvested. For this reason, it’s the material of choice in everything from toilet paper to new buildings. Whereas a tree can take years or even decades to fully mature, bamboo takes only a few weeks.

A large bamboo forest. The material from which bamboo toilet paper is made.

In fact, bamboo grows so quickly that Guinness World Records lists its rate of growth in miles per hour! It may only be 0.00002 mph but that’s still pretty fast for a plant.

Moreover, bamboo stalks begin to grow again soon after they’ve been cut down. Their ability to grow strong without fertilizer means that regrowth happens quickly and with minimal impact on the soil.

The eco-friendliness of bamboo toilet paper puts that of traditional TP to shame. It may come from a different source, but bamboo toilet paper doesn’t compromise your bathroom comfort. While it may be the greenest — not in color — bath tissue, it is still some of the softest.

Switch to Bamboo Toilet Paper Today

Traditional toilet paper production deprives the world of its vast and beautiful forests. As a result, species are put at risk and people’s livelihoods are destroyed. Luckily, there’s a solution.

Bamboo paper prodcts significantly reduce the impact that the TP industry has on the planet. The most renewable plant around, bamboo makes sure everyone has a cleaner and greener time in the bathroom.

Make the switch and try your first box of premium bamboo toilet paper today! We also offer bulk toilet paper so that you can save while being sustainable.


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