12 Kitchen Gadgets Under $20 You’ll Want to Use Everyday

12 Kitchen Gadgets Under $20 You’ll Want to Use Everyday

Let’s face it: everyone likes getting new toys. Getting new kitchen gadgets is especially fun because there are just so many to choose from! Whether it’s a fancy pair of herb scissors or a set of bamboo travel utensils, there’s something for everyone.

Kitchen Gadgets Under $20 You'll Want to Use Everyday | Reel Paper

It’s even better when these fun kitchen tools aren’t expensive! Scoring a cool gadget for a great price is one of the best feelings.

Here are 12 of our favorite kitchen gadgets anyone can get for less than $20!

1. A Reusable Filter That Makes All Tea Green Tea

The CoffeeSock Reusable Tea Filter boasts a great cup of tea with zero waste. When its time has come, the filter can be composted! Additionally, each product is handmade in the United States with 1% of all sales going toward protecting the planet.

Price: $12.99

2. An Adjustable Rolling Pin

Getting dough evenly flattened at the proper height can be a nightmare. This adjustable rolling pin makes evenly rolling dough easy! Removable rings even ensure that you roll it to the right thickness.

Price: $19.99

3. These Super Efficient Herb Scissors

Kitchen Gadgets Under $20 You'll Want to Use Everyday | Reel Paper
Image courtesy of X-Chef

As one of the coolest kitchen gadgets on this list, these multipurpose scissors boast ten chops at a time rather than just one. By far this kitchen gadget’s asset is dramatically speeding up your ability to chop herbs.

Price: $15.99

4. A Rapid Egg Cooker for Perfect, Easy Eggs

This well-reviewed egg cooker does it all! The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker perfectly prepares boiled, poached, and scrambled eggs and even individual omelets!

Price: $19.99

5. A Foldable Cutting Mat That Keeps Veggies From Escaping

A rigid cutting board is great for providing a solid base for cutting, but it’s way too easy to lose veggies when you try to pour them into a pan. This foldable cutting mat fixes that problem. The handle paired with the folding sides allows for quick and painless transfer to a pot, pan, or bowl.

Price: $10.28

6. Reusable Coffee Pods to Save Money & the Planet

Kitchen Gadgets Under $20 You'll Want to Use Everyday | Reel Paper
Image courtesy of Good Cups

A single-cup coffee maker is awesome when you don’t need a whole pot of coffee, but the pods create a lot of waste. You can get these reusable coffee pods for less than $10 and reduce the impact of your morning coffee!

Price: $8.95

6. Spice Gripper Clips to Take Organization to the Next Level

Keeping your spices organized takes a lot of time and causes a lot of headaches. These Spice Gripper Clips cut the time in half and cut out the headaches. Use these kitchen gadgets to improve your kitchen and countertop organization while keeping spices easily accessible.

Price: $9.97

7. A Set of Drawer Trays to Keep Your Kitchen Gadgets in Order

With all of your cool kitchen gadgets, you’ll need to keep them organized. A set of drawer trays is just what you need to keep everything in order. They’re even BPA-free to keep you and your family safe.

Price: $16.76

8. Bamboo Utensils to Take on the Go

You’d probably be worried if we didn’t mention something made of bamboo — the most amazing material on the planet, so here it is. This set of bamboo travel utensils includes a fork, spoon, knife, straw, and cleaning brush all packed into a nice carrying pouch. Wherever life takes you, you can always eat sustainably.

Price: $9.99

9. This Strainer That Goes Inside the Pot

Kitchen Gadgets Under $20 You'll Want to Use Everyday | Reel Paper
Image courtesy of Kitchen Gizmo

Anyone who’s ever poured boiling water through a strainer has struggled. Either trying to hold both without burning yourself or missing the strainer entirely. The Snap n Strain answers our prayers and goes inside the pot! It fits on nearly every pot and only takes up a quarter of the storage space as a normal colander.

Price: $16.09

10. This Avocado Slicer That Continues to Amaze

Another one of the do-it-all kitchen gadgets on this list is the OXO Good Grips Avocado Slicer. This amazing tool keeps you safe and sane while slicing, pitting, and peeling everyone’s favorite fruit!

Price: $9.99

11. Eco-Friendly Silicone Sandwich Bags

This set of eco-friendly kitchen gadgets helps you cut back on your plastic waste. Made out of silicone, these Reusable Stasher Bags keep food fresh better than plastic! Unlike their eco-unfriendly counterparts, these Stasher bags can even go in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher!

Price: $12.99

12. A Handy & Attractive Kitchen Compost Bin

You know how much we love compost, so imagine how excited we were when we discovered this countertop compost bin! Its sleek design makes it easy to empty and clean, not to mention nice to have on the counter. With the flip of the lid, your compostable kitchen scraps will be out of sight and smell!

Price: $19.40

Upgrade Your Kitchen Gadget Game

These are some of our favorite cool kitchen gadgets, but this is far from a comprehensive list. Help us make our list more complete — what are your coolest tools in the kitchen?

Leave a comment below and tell us about your most useful kitchen gadgets!


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