5 Awesome Brands Using Sustainable Materials to Cut Shipping Waste

5 Awesome Brands Using Sustainable Materials to Cut Shipping Waste

The world of e-commerce never sleeps. Thanks to two-day shipping options and meal kits delivered straight to your door, you don't have to leave the comfort of your couch. Convenient shopping options are irresistible, and earth-conscious brands are now using sustainable materials in their shipping processes to reduce their ecological footprint.

If you order everything online, you're probably greeted by dozens of cardboard boxes and heaps of plastic at your front door. Packing and shipping materials can become wasteful and space-consuming, and they put a real damper on your eco-friendly efforts.

Reel Paper Awesome Eco-Friendly Brands Using Sustainable Materials

If you're eager to clean up your footprint while still embracing the ease of shopping in your PJs, here's how to start.

Make Sustainable Materials a Priority

Although cardboard is considered recyclable, most times it's unnecessary and just serves as another piece of trash that can end up in a landfill. According to Forbes, "about 165 billion packages are shipped in the US each year, with the cardboard used roughly equating to more than 1 billion trees."

Here are some forward-thinking brands leading the way in redesigning the supply chain and shipping industry.

Slip Into Sustainable Swimwear

Whether you're heading to the beach this summer or catching some sun by the pool, Summersalt is making swimwear sustainable. The company's swimsuits are made from recycled materials so you can look good in them and feel good wearing them.

Summersalt's swimwear isn't the only effort the company making in protecting the planet; Summersalt is also earth-conscious in its packing and shipping practices.

This company takes its ecological footprint seriously. On on the subject of sustainability, the company says, "We chose not to include corrugated packaging to reduce our carbon footprint in production, raw materials, air freight and more."

Old Ways of Shipping Get Chopped

ButcherBox offers a box of high-quality beef, pork, chicken, or a medley of your making that can be shipped straight to your door.

However, ButcherBox isn't only changing the way you shop for meat; the company is changing the way food is packaged and shipped. The company's pledge is simple: all of its packaging materials can be recycled or are biodegradable.

Reel Paper Awesome Eco-Friendly Brands Using Sustainable Materials

According to Forbes, "If you look specifically at meal-kits, category leader Blue Apron sends out around 8 million meals a month, each one containing two six-pound ice packs. The freezer pack waste is about 192,000 tons per year."

In contrast, ButcherBox is changing the way meal-subscription kits affect the environment through its eco-friendly packaging and shipping methods.

Self-Care + Earth-Love = Match Made in Heaven

Eminence Organic Skin Care uses organic ingredients like fruits and vegetables to heal and help your skin. The natural skin care brand specializes in using sustainable materials and ingredients in their products and their packaging.

When the company ships their products using clean packaging practices. Eminence uses recycled and reused shipping boxes and 100% biodegradable packing chips. The company even uses vegetable ink on their shipping labels. (You can read that again.)

Eminence stretches their earth-protecting efforts beyond shipping, sharing that "in addition to planting a tree for every product sold, we also honor our commitment to finding organic, earth-friendly solutions in every aspect of our business."

Adventure Around Every Corner, Not Waste

REI is a place to shop for the everyday adventurer and outdoorsman. The store provides everything from camping gear to snow gear, so you can discover your inner explorer and suit up for the unexpected when shopping at REI.

Reel Paper Awesome Eco-Friendly Brands Using Sustainable Materials

REI promises to make the most environment-conserving choices when it comes to packaging their products and delivering them to your home. The company uses glue in their packaging instead of using staples as a way to minimize their waste. REI also choose sustainable materials for their paper packaging and printing.

REI says the company "fully supports practices that promote forest sustainability, biodiversity and long-term shared environmental, social and economic benefits."

TP Made Eco-Friendly

Here are Reel Paper, we take sustainability seriously. From our completely plastic-free packaging to our 100% bamboo 3-ply toilet paper, every stitch is made with the environment's best interest in mind.

We individually wrap our rolls with recycled paper and deliver them straight to your door in compostable boxes, so you never have to worry about wads of plastic in your trash bin or harmful BPA on your bum.

Plus, with every roll of Reel Paper you purchase, we donate one single-use biodegradable toilet bag to a person in the developing world who doesn't have access to sanitary latrine facilities.

Shrink Your Ecological Footprint

Luckily, brands like these are making going green a little easier on you. When you choose companies that make efforts toward shrinking their ecological footprint, it can help you shrink yours.

Ordering from companies who prioritize the environment can help you minimize the waste you produce. If you order products that use eco-friendly materials straight to your doorstep, you can shop away in your jammies and not feel guilty about it.

How are some of your favorite brands shrinking their ecological footprint? Share your go-to environmentally friendly companies in the comments below.


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