Bamboo Paper Towels: Why You Should Make the Sustainable Switch

Bamboo Paper Towels: Why You Should Make the Sustainable Switch

Here on ReelTalk, we have a treasure trove of information about bamboo toilet paper products. However, bamboo makes up far more than just toilet paper. In fact, bamboo paper towels can bring your green lifestyle to the next level!

Bamboo Paper Towels: Why You Should Make the Sustainable Switch

Whether it be an accidental spill or an impromptu napkin, paper towels are a crucial staple for any modern kitchen. Choosing bamboo paper towels over the traditional variety can dramatically reduce your impact on the planet.

Here’s everything you need to know about the sustainable alternative to this everyday necessity.

The Many Benefits of Bamboo

For as long as we can remember, we at Reel have touted the benefits of bamboo. What is, to us, the greatest plant of all time is also a fairly versatile one. Bamboo has been used to make toilet paper, cutting boards, paper towels, clothes, and even buildings!

Whatever the final product may be, bamboo is the premier material to produce it. As a highly renewable resource that’s also strong, resilient, and — of course — aesthetically pleasing, bamboo is the best material for the job.

As we’ve mentioned before, bamboo grows faster than any other plant on Earth. Growing more than 25 feet in even fewer days, bamboo remains unmatched in its ability to rapidly regrow with little maintenance.

Once it’s been cut down and harvested, bamboo stalks begin to regrow within days. All they need is some water and a place to grow — which can also be water. They require no additional fertilizers that could potentially introduce harmful substances into the soil.

Furthermore, bamboo is one of the strongest materials known to man. In fact, it has a tensile strength that surpasses even that of steel! For this reason, it’s become the material of choice for plenty of green building initiatives.

Green Bamboo Building

Bamboo’s natural resilience makes it a likely future alternative to carbon fiber! Costing more than 100 times less than carbon fiber, bamboo is definitely a greener, cheaper alternative to construct buildings that can withstand whatever nature throws at them

It’s incredible strength and unmatched sustainability make bamboo highly functional. That being said, it’s not just functional — it’s profoundly comfortable as well. That’s why there are so many bamboo bed sheets, bathrobes, and even paper towels.

Introducing Bamboo into Your Kitchen

Bamboo Paper Towels: Why You Should Make the Sustainable Switch

Bamboo paper towels make it affordable and easy to bring your kitchen into alignment with your green lifestyle. It’s the perfect strong and durable yet soft and smooth addition to your kitchen.

Offering superior softness — having been compared to some of the most luxurious materials available — bamboo absorbs a lot of water. In fact, it can absorb more than three times its weight in water. Even the biggest messes won’t stand a chance against your bamboo paper towels.

Finally, bamboo has innate antibacterial properties. This is actually one of the reasons bamboo survives so well in nature — the plant has a natural defense against harmful bacteria. Although it won’t kill all microbes on contact, it may help you fight them.

Switch to Bamboo Paper Towels Today

In your home, cleanliness is everything. Choosing your paper towels carefully may seem trivial now, but will definitely pay off in the long run. Taking the care and time necessary to choose the best paper towels for you and your family will ensure you keep your home as clean as possible.

Fortunately, your search won’t take that much time at all. Bamboo paper towels will likely be your best option. With their superior strength, softness, and sustainability, it’s tough to make a case against them.


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  • I love your toilet paper, when can I expect to be able to buy paper towels?

    Mariann HEaly on

  • I hope the bamboo paper towels will be available in folded form also. The paper towel rolls I used for decades became scarce at the beginning of the pandemic, so I tried folded towels as a substitute. Now I don’t want to go back! With the roll you need a 2nd hand/arm to support the tearing, whereas with the folded stack – one hand does the trick… genius! ;=)

    Nicole on

  • What are the measurements of each tear off section. I want “half” sections so as to not waste pieces in normal daily events.

    David Berry on

  • Are you going to start making bamboo paper towels? I’d love to include them in my subscription

    Laura on

  • Where can we order them?

    Stella Flores on

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